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Epoxy Coating

Our epoxy coating for pools is suitable for Australian swimming pools that require highly durable interior surfaces  to cope with constant exposure to chemically treated water and harsh weather conditions. We only use a two pack high build epoxy coating which is the most durable and long lasting of epoxy type coatings. The epoxy two pack coating is formulated from two components. The first component is a polymer and the second is a hardener.  High build means that we can apply several layers of the epoxy to form a durable and strengthened surface.  Epoxy coating is suitable for application over old concrete plastered pools and previously painted pools. We don’t recommend it for fibreglass pools that have deteriorated and show signs of osmosis. Osmosis occurs when the fibreglass has broken down and moisture begins to leach through the fibreglass shell. Osmosis is usually visible in the form of small black pin prick size holes on the surface of the swimming pool.


Pool Renovators resurfacing process

The Process:

  • Drain swimming pool and brace where necessary.
  • Sand the existing swimming pool surface to remove existing finish and prepare surface.
  • Apply primer coat.
  • Apply under coat.
  • Apply final coat.
  • Refill swimming pool.

Although a DIY kit is available to epoxy coating your pool, we recommend using professional tradesmen to do the work if you want the best result. The most important part of the process is the surface preparation and this usually requires specialised equipment and is intensive and time consuming. Applying the epoxy coating also needs to be done in a timely and structured manner to ensure good and even coverage.


Epoxy coating provides your pool with a luxurious, smooth and colourful finish.

The benefits of this budget option are many:

  • Smooth surface which is easy on the skin.
  • Beautiful choice of colours.
  • Resistant to staining and cracking when applied correctly.
  • Durable and long lasting.

Please view some of our Epoxy Coating swimming pool transformations in our pool resurfacing projects.


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