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If you are looking for pool resurfacing in Perth, Western Australia we have what you need. We provide professional, cost effective pool resurfacing, renovation and restoration options. Pool Resurfacing Technologies showcases the various divisions within the Pool Renovators Pty Ltd. Each division focuses on a specific area within the pool resurfacing and restoration industry. We specialize in pool resurfacing, building new concrete pools, hard and soft landscaping and supplying and installing pool equipment. We also have industry partners based in Brisbane and Sydney. The Pool Renovators Pty Ltd is a well established company and our staff have over 30 years of extensive experience and knowledge in swimming pool resurfacing, renovations, restoration and epoxy pool coatings.

In Australia, we generally find three types of swimming pool construction:

  • concrete pools,
  • prefabricated fibreglass pools and
  • brick and buttress vinyl liner pools.

Each one of our divisions specializes in pool resurfacing, pool renovations and pool coatings for the restoration of these various types of swimming pools. Our resurfacing applications address many typical pool problems such as osmosis, leaks, cracks, rust damage or deteriorated pool surfaces.

We have the experience and knowledge for conversion of a vinyl liner to fibreglass swimming pool. Years of experience in the industry have enabled us to establish expertise in changing the shape of a concrete pool and add a spa.

Our Pool Projects shows various before and after photos of fibreglass resurfacing, replastering and epoxy coating projects. Resurfacing and restoring your swimming pool updates and refreshes your entertainment area, providing priceless family relaxation and fun.

A swimming pool can provide you with years of pleasure if it is well maintained and well constructed. Good pool maintenance depends on good equipment to keep your pool in pristine condition. We provide best price pool equipment in our Pool Shop.

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Your swimming pool not only provides your family with fun and relaxation, it is also an important and valuable feature of your property.

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pool resurfacing, Perth, Western Australia