Aqua Quip QC Series Multi-Coloured LED Underwater Light


From the most simple to the extra-ordinary, lighting is very often the most eye-catching aspect of your pool & spa. The name Aqua-Quip is synonymous with award winning pool builders, aiding with the design challenges to best fulfil customers’ lighting expectations for that special evening atmosphere.


  • Quick-connect feature
  • Amazing LED colours
  • Variable voltage technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Universal mounting bracket

LED Surface Mounted Pool Lights For Existing Pools

Upgrade Your existing pool lights to Aqua_Quip without lowering the pool water level or changing the transformer.
Fixed Colour LEDs: The advantage Spectrum IX technology allows the user to program their favourite mode. Choose from a variety of scroll & flash modes or program your own favourite default colour by selecting from the innowative Colour Pallete Selection Mode.

Variable Voltage Technology: Allows LED Retro_Fit lights to be operated from voltages between 12v AC to 32V AC.

Aqua-Quip Surface Mounted Retro-Fit Lights are able to convert the following brands in concrete pools:

  • Stroud Compact 150
  • Stroud SM400
  • Swimworld
  • Waterco
  • Filtrite
  • Spa Electrics
  • Poolrite
  • Autumn Solar, Questa, Chameleon

Now Available

Aqua-Quip’s latest innovation for Surface Mounted Retro Fit Pool Lights is the new Quick_connect Plg Kit and Back Plate.

Plug kit connects up to a wide variety of cable thicknesses & provides full detachable cable functionality.

Newly designed back plate polishes the overall look of the light.






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