Astral Premium CTX Pool Pumps

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The AstralPool CTX Series – a great choice in high end swimming pool pumps:

  • Commercial build quality.
  • Efficient design.
  • Heavy duty motor facilitates high flow rate performance and low noise.
  • Supplied with both 40mm and 50mm couplings for both inlet and outlet unions.
  • A one way valve flap to stop reflux on shutdown.
  • Very large deep leaf basket and easy to access cam lock lid design.
  • Thick heavy duty clear lid with large retaining ring for ease of access.
  • Built to last with super quiet, smooth operating.
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s warranty.


AstralPool CTX 280 1.00 Hp 280 L/min 40/50mm Inlet/Outlet
AstralPool CTX 400 1.50 Hp 400 L/min 40/50mm Inlet/Outlet
AstralPool CTX 500 2.00 Hp 500 L/min 40/50mm Inlet/Outlet


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