Legacy LRZ Gas Heater




Gas heaters are the best for heating pools or spas up quickly as they use direct and constant heat from a flame either through natural gas or LPG tanks.

A gas heater is an ideal choice for anyone who uses their pool sporadically throughout the year and may only want to heat it occasionally such as when friends are coming over or for the weekend.

Gas heaters come in a number of different sizes and should be sized correctly for the pool and they are generally measured in Mega Joules (Mj) or British Thermal Units (BTU’s) for performance. In Australia the most common reference is Mj which is a standard for measuring energy, usually in reference to gas usage. Zodiac’s range of Legacy LRZ heaters range from 132 Mj right up to 422 Mj which is able to heat a large 100,000L pool up to a warm 28°C in less than a day* during winter.

*Temperature increase up by 11°C in low wind conditions.

For all specifications and technical data, please speak to your pool professional.



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