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Get Your Pool Ready for Summer!

Get Your Pool Ready for Summer!















This is the time to get your pool ready for Summer! Spring is well and truly here and it won’t be long before we have those long, hot balmy days when your pool is the perfect place to relax and cool down. Here’s a checklist for getting your pool just right and ready to use:


Now this item will probably be the least appealing, but let’s get the worst out the way first, what do you say?

If we want to get the best out of your pool, we should start with the pool area. That means “spring cleaning” the garden. Time to get the rake and garden shears from the shed and get to work. Trimming all those shrubs, trees and other plants that tend to make a mess of the pool. Trim and prune any hedges, branches, etc. that may have grown wild during winter. Also remember to sweep up fallen leaves tucked under plants around the pool. Try to clear away any leaves or garden debris around the pump and filter equipment. You might also have a few spider webs that need clearing from you equipment. Come on, be brave you can do it!

TIP: Wear gloves when you check your equipment. It’s Redback Spider Season and they love to hide inside the skimmer box!


It’s a good idea to give your pool cover a good clean, that way it will last a long time. Remove the cover and lay it on a solid surface and give it a good clean with the garden hose. Allow it to dry completely before rolling it up and store it away from heat and insects. Don’t leave your cover in the sun when not in use.

Not sure if you know this but if the temperature is higher than 35 deg it is recommended that you take your cover off your pool and place it in the shade. Otherwise, the heat and chemicals in the water can cause your cover to erode over time.


Now it’s time to get your pool equipment working and the water in tip top shape. Check the skimmer box and clean out the basket. You’ll probably find lots of leaves and garden debris in there.

Check the salt chlorinator or chemical dosing system if you have one. Make sure it is all in good working order and replace the cell if necessary.

Check the pump and filter for any damage or leaks. If your pump hasn’t been working for a long time, you may need to prime the pump with water before starting the motor. Lubricate the pump lid o-ring with a good pool lubricator and replace the pump lid tightly.

Depending on the type of filter you have, you may need to do some cleaning. Filter cartridges should be removed and hosed down or replaced. The media of your sand filter may need replacing depending on how old it is.

Check the position of the filter valve. Start up the pump and run a back wash cycle on the filter until the water runs clear. Shut off the pump and switch to the Filter position. Restart the pump and this time watch the pressure gauge and look for bubbles erupting at the pool returns.

If you need any pool equipment replaced, give us a call and we will do our best to give you a great deal.


Start by removing all the leaves and debris on the bottom of the pool The Leaf net is usually the best tool for the job. Try to get as much of the mess off the bottom of the pool as you can, that way your pool cleaner or vacuum is likely to work much more efficiently. If you don’t have much debris, go ahead and start the vacuuming. If you have an automatic pool cleaner you can save some time getting on with other things while the pool cleaner gets on with things. Maybe, enjoy a cool drink and admire your progress so far!


Depending on what type of pool you have; in-ground, tiled, concrete, liner – do an inspection and make sure everything is in good shape.

Test the water using a testing kit to check the chemistry of the water. Add chemicals or make adjustments to ensure the water is in perfect condition.

Look for any staining, and get rid of that now. If you have stubborn pool stains, visit your local pool shop for pool stain removers or get a local pool maintenance guy to come out and check it for you. Your local pool guy could also test and balance the water for you. Contact us and we can recommend a local pool guy who is an expert in water chemistry.


Send us an email if you have any queries about equipment, pool repairs or water chemistry. If we can’t help, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can.



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