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Aquaguard Fibreglass Lining

We use top quality Australian products and workmanship for our fibreglass pool resurfacing. Using what is known as the Aquaguard Pool Resurfacing system, we can resurrect any old or tired concrete, fibreglass or vinyl pool. Basically, we can effectively rejuvenate any swimming pool that is structurally sound.
Pool Renovators resurfacing process

The Process:

The fibreglass pool resurfacing process is as follows:

  • Empty pool and brace where necessary.
  • Sand the existing swimming pool surface to remove existing finish and prepare surface.
  • Apply Aquaguard epoxy vinyl ester primer coat or substrate adhesion coat.
  • Apply chopped strand matt. This layer enhances the reinforcement of the composite.
  • Application of Bonding Coat. This layer adds bulk resin to the laminate.
  • Apply Aquaguard vinyl ester fill coat. This layer strengthens the pool surface resistance to chemical attack while simultaneously improving the smoothness of the surface finish.
  • Aquaguard Final Finish top coat. This is the final layer of the laminate which can be applied in a variety of colours and adds the final protective and beautiful glossy finish to the pool.

All that’s left is to fill the pool with water and dive in for a swim.

The Aquaguard fibre-lining can also be applied to NEW POOLS

The Aquaguard pool resurfacing system can be used for new pools. If you have had your pool built (or even did it the DIY way) you can have it beautifully finished with the Aquaguard Pool Resurfacing System. Aquaguard will enhance the overall appeal of your swimming pool while giving you the confidence that you will have a reliable and functional product that will last for years to come.

With a wide choices of colours and feature enhancements for your pool, other finishes will not match the quality and durability of Aquaguard.

Please view some of our Aquaguard resurfaced pools in our pool resurfacing projects.

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